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Dear Most Reverend Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan:

It has come to our attention that Catholic Charities of New York will give honor and platform to President Barack Obama as its Alfred E. Smith Memorial Fund Dinner on October 18, 2012.

As President of the United States Bishop’s Conference we appreciate your assumed familiarity with the Bishop's document ‘Catholics in Political Life’, which reads in part, “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

We the undersigned find that the New York Catholic Charities is a Catholic institution! We find that the Diocese of New York City is a Catholic community!

We hold that if Cardinal John O’Conner didn’t invite pro-abort Bill Clinton in 1996, and if Cardinal Egan didn’t invite pro-abort John Kerry in 2004, then on what grounds could your Eminence find to invite Obama in 2012, when he has proven handily and has worked arduously since 2009 to act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles; more especially in regard to his aggressive promotion of abortion, embryo stem-cell research, artificial contraception, and homosexual marriage in this country and throughout the world?

Moreover, we find it to be an outrage and a scandal that in light of ongoing court litigation due to President Obama's HHS Mandate forcing Catholic organizations to violate conscience, shut down ministries, or pay an excessive tax to continue operations, that one of the most recognizable Cardinals in the United States, would bestow such an honor on President Obama at an election year event that the world will be sure to receive as you giving him your tacit blessing.

We the undersigned prayerfully implore you to halt this travesty immediately and call on you to uphold the sacred mission of your Catholic Diocese. May God grant you the courage and wisdom to do what is right.



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Ryan Heneise,

Luis Rivera,


Frank O\'Connell,

I will continue to keep you and all of our bishops in my prayers. It is a hard road we are on these days. It takes much courage and perseverance; fortitude and strength. Let us pray to the Holy Spirit for these gifts and for Wisdom to truly live the Gospel without compromise. May God bless you and give you the strength to live out the Gospel for your benefit as well as for the flock entrusted to you.



Richard Savage,

Ellizabeth Boyd,
No wonder Catholics are so confused. It would not hurt President Obama to taste the consequences of his actions. Now he has the opportunity to speak before Catholics and, as at Notre Dame, pretend he cares about conscience. Please rescind the invitation. This is a time when we as Catholics need to be united in truth and love. May the Holy Spirit give you the fortitude necessary to bear witness to truth and to act in love.

I am shocked that this invitation would be extended to the most anti-Catholic president!

Sean O\'Rahilly,
Mr. Dolan, the Pope has made a terrible mistake in putting you in a position of power in the Church. Rescind the Obama invitation and restore our faith in the Pope's judgement. And yours.

Cindy Muhlenkamp,

David Ly,

prashant tirkey,
stop obama his diabolic agenda is international "love from indian catholics"


Mary A. Robbins,
Dear Cardinal Dolan,

As a recent revert back to the Faith (after a 30 year absence) I am completely scandalized by your actions. May the Lord Jesus, have great mercy on our souls. Cowardice, delusion and confusion are NOT cardinal virtues! Lead the flock AKA the Church Militant - do not further confuse or mislead your flock, Cardinal Dolan! I will keep praying for you.....

Be Not Afraid! Do the right thing.

tim burns,

ron adley,
sounds like notre dame all over again. with one compromise after another the faith will evaporate.

Mike Timmer,

Joseph Pacuska,
Your Eminence..... how can you even consider such a scandalous invitation? We had such high hopes for your leadership in opposing the leaders of the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-religious freedom side, and yet you betray us in this way? How could you?

carol johnston,


Irene Manning,


sharon Taylor,
If you think placating Obama is going to make things better for the church, your Excellency, and I mean no disrespect, but you are deluded.

I was counting on you Cardinal Dolan to stand up for what is right. Please do not allow the President to capitalize on this photo opportunity to once again mislead the people.

John Zakharia,

Alex Taylor,

It is difficult enough for the laity to give a clear and consistent witness to the culture of life. Please help us!

James Devine,

Martin Soy,
Your Eminence, you have shown great leadership in the fight against the HHS Mandate. Please dis-invite President Obama. Do not give him a platform to campaign in favor of the Culture of Death.

Helen Westover,
The Church is fighting this administration over the takeover of our religious freedoms. Why is Cardinal Dolan allowing this?


Joe Conroy,

John Barker,

Jim Orr,
As the nephew of Archbishop Edward Heston, I respectfully ask you to rescind the invitation extended to the first pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro same sex "marriage," pro destruction of First Amendment Rights, pro bankrupting the government and American people - President we ever had to Al Smith Memorial Fund Dinner. Catholics gave us this president because of the weakness of the bishops and their love of being Democrats. It is a sin according to the teachings of the Catholic Religion to join an organization that denies any human rights. The Democrat Party is the leader of denying the right to life to unborn babies. That organization is responsible for the deaths of more innocent human beings than the KKK, the Nazi Party and the Communist Party, combined. It is a sin in Church teaching of the 5th Commandment to deny one their human rights and especially so in joining and organization that does that. We need leadership and consistency in understanding that we, Catholics, are responsible for the 52,000,000 and counting, human beings that have been sacrificed to the god of selfishness and anti-love. Catholics believe God is the giver of life. Catholics pray the Lord's Prayer for God's will to be done on earth, and for us not to be lead into temptation, but delivered from evil. Is abortion evil? Does God create life to be aborted? Is he in contradistinction with Himself? Or are Catholics in contradiction with what they profess to believe and pray for, including clergy? We need consistency. And we need leadership. Cardinal Dolan, as head of USCCB, give us that and withdraw your invitation to the leader of this Administration and start being the leader we need instead of a Chamberland.


Donna McNamara,
Thank you,David, for doing this!

Barack Obama is trampling upon the Catholic Church. Please do not honor him in this way. It is a disgrace and a scandal, and it will only confuse the faithful--especially those Catholics who are looking for any excuse to vote for him. Thank you for prayerfully considering this.

Your Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, you have the responsibility to DEFEND us from our enemies, not to join our enemies. May God help you understand how much you can harm us by appearing to side with Obama.

Judith E Moody,
Why and how is this happening?

Meghan Birdsall,

Martin jantzer,
about CONON LAW?


Carley Sonnen,
Judas was invited to the Last Supper....

I pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you will cancel any communication with Obama until he changes his stance on Abortion and Homosexuality

Please stop this scandal. It is not political to oppose someone who is morally corrupt.

David and Sandra Sonnen,

Daniel Mikulsky,
It's almost impossible to "disinvite" the President. What a terrible blunder. The only option left to Cardinal Dolan is for himself to skip the dinner.


Kathleen Barrett,
Pray for Cardinal Colan!!

James & Patricia Fabrey,


Dear Bishop Dolan,
By allowing Mr.Obama a place at this event, you are giving tacit approval to any Catholic to go ahead and vote for him despite his deplorable record on abortion and other life issues.
Ann Fisher

Monica Kolars,
I am signing this petition AFTER reading your blog defending your stance. Would you have invited Stalin, Hitler or Chairman Mao to this dinner in the hopes of dialogue? It is ridiculous and further undermines the Church. It is very disappointing to see this. It would be one thing if President Obama was repentant but he openly mocks what Christ stands for and for which our country was founded.

David Sainty,

Camelia Sainty,



David Frank,

No Obama invite to Al Smith dinner. What happedened to the Forthnight for Freedom? Very disturbing.

George Loring,
Please, Cardinal Dolan, do not give this man honor or a platform.

John Larry Phillips,


Hampton S Tonk,


Maria Halloran,

Michael DiMartino,
We pray that St. Thomas A Becket will intercede for Cardinal Dolan to obtain for him the Grace for him to fulfill his calling, namely, to be a Sheperd to his flock. We pray that St. Thomas will be a shinning example to the Cardinal of how a Bishop should act when one is tempted to shirk their duties and responsibilities to their God, Chuch and the faithful.

Patrick Glatz,

Coralie Baker,

The slaughter of millions of innocent preborn human beings is a good enough reason to stop the gaity of this event. Please rescind the invitation it will make a mockery of the Rallys. It will send a mixed message and confuse the laity, as well as help Obama get re-elected.

Evange Solca,
Please Cardinal, this is madness. It's inconsistent with values. You'll be guilty of confusing catholics.

It's time for all Catholics, Christians of all denominations & Jews to stop the madness of this president & administration.

Janet P,
This is a disgrace!

Sr. Jane Ducharme,
Nothing else has convinced Mr. Obama of the Catholic life position. Please use the opportunity to let the world know that
Catholics can be consistent on our stance for life and Marriage. Disinvite the President from the dinner..................Stand up and be counted, lead, be courageous, and stand firm, rather than give the President his photo op of unanimity with the Catholics, for votes only!!!!!

Elizabeth Rauber,
Your Eminence, please rescind this!

uninvite obama it looks like we are caving into the hhs mandate. i see the irony of having him raise money to defeat him but he still should be uninvited

Judas was invited to the last supper , but there wasn't a worldwide audience.

Tom Jessen,

Barbara Forshee,
It's all about the money. What a surprise.

George J. Kuhn,

Shelley Wilson,
PLEASE rescind the invitation.

Patricia Sorge,
How many times will we slap Gods face and give glory to evil! Stop this now.

John Svoboda,

Joseph Bergkamp,
How can Cardinal Dolan be so blind? A picture is worth a thousand words. The Cardinal has provided Obama's re-election chances with a real coup. How sad!!

elle kaufman,

Mary Anne Letourneau,
For all the reasons already mentioned, please rescind the invitation, Your Eminence. Please! You are bruising so many already- broken Catholic hearts by allowing what is, by all appearances, an affront to the Holy Faith and a scandal, besides a deepening of the wounds. Unless, of course, this would be your only to fraternally correct Mr. Obama and you wish to do it publicly. Perhaps that would be a legitimate use of this platform but I'm not a moral theologian and so I don't know. Please, Your Eminence, rescind the invitation.

Bob Floyd,

I am a ROMAN catholic, RC,NOT NYC. Nonetheless, The USA is the leader of the West, and the main culturalinfluence worldwide. The standing POTUS is a bad influence worldwide both by example at home , the money given to abortion worldwide, and the State departments pushing the Culture of Death in the kemyam constitution, at present the Philipines,and so forth. It is therefore a scandal for catholics worldwide the appearance of Institional approval for the local church with The Potus this event gives, and I would ask your Grace to also consider the extra pressures this action will bring on prolife catholics such as myself and many relaitives, friends , and colleaugues ,in Europe, friends in North Africa, relatives in Ecuador, Venezuela, Canada, and New Zealand , and many similar, not to mention brethren worldwide, and the aid and comfort for their propaganda not least this event will furnish the enemies of the church in all the countries mentioned above to my knowledge, and all the others I surmise to be similar.
Ad moltos annos.


Robert Birmingham PGK,

The conservative Catholic blogs are going viral on this invitation. Soooooooooooo many upset and disenchanted Catholics are being turned upside down one more time. Now that I am aware that past Cardinals DID NOT extend invitations to pro-choice political personages, I too feel this invitation needs to be rescinded for the sake of true Catholic unity. We are in a tenuous situation in this country with progressive and conservative Catholics. Perhaps Jesus would have found another forum to bring both the presidential candidates together. May God continue to protect the Church and her chosen clergy to do what is right in the spiritual battle of the soul. ljw

Joseph Hebert,

Bryan Bustard,


James W. Himes,
The man is ungodly and an invitation to an ungodly man who flaunts God, is an insult to God.
Rescind the invitation, fast.

J. Ballantyne,
Do not bring honor to the shameless man who supports the murder of the unborn, and is intent to destroy America and all our freedoms. Please withdrawn the invitation immediately.

Jerry Becan,
I don't think the Rabbis in Berlin invited Hitler to Passover. This is a kick in the stomach to all faithful Catholics. This can only help Obama win the votes of uninformed Catholics.

Madeleine Myers,
The church can do better.

Jeffrey Hughes,
The man is an obscenity.


Mrs. Monica S. Siefker,

trinidad Rettes,

Eileen Vogel,
What a disgrace; we lay-people continue to fight the HHS mandate that will shut the Churches' works of Mercy down, and you plan to have dinner with the very devil who is planning our demise! Our House is divided, so how can we stand!!!

Elena Antonelli,

This man is anti Christ. He is against everything Christian, and beyond. Please address Nancy Pelosi's sacrilegious position against the Church also.

Ed Konczal,
This is the Notre Dame revisited. Joking at a time og moral warfare is not acceptable. Cardinal Dolan should walk his talk.

this man has us on the brink of totally doing away with our beliefs. how could you, its time to stand up and stop playing the nice nice game..we are on the verge of being an underground church like in china.

Rachel Mkandawire,
dining and wining with him will mean we are for what he stands for.

James L. Adams,

Helen Antonelli,
To permit a person who seems to be totally at odds with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church is a slap in the face to all of us who are incensed by the sheer offensive attitude of this administration. I am just getting over the other scandal. Please don't lead us into another "slough of despond." This whole administration is blind to what the Church stands for, and the Church leaders are just as blind to what it all means to us to honor a person who does not honor us. You must rescind this awful invitation.


Christy Larker,

Michael O\'Malley,
Your Eminence,

I must agree with the other 1235 signers of this petition that it was a mistake to invite Mr. Obama to the Al Smith dinner. No one knows better than you that Mr. Obama stands opposed to the interests of the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity in general. Please take whatever steps are necessary to rescind Mr. Obama's invitation.

Respectfully yours,

Michael O'Malley


Sandra Scott,
I am a traditional Latin Mass Catholic and most definitely oppose inviting Mr. Obama to the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Fund Dinner. I absolutely approve of uninviting Mr. Obama from this event.

Denise McConaghy,

Jesse Rodriguez,
This man is against our religion. Serving him would be like seving JUDAS!



Mary Anne Fairchild,
This puts you in the same company as Nancy Pelosi,Biden, J. Kerry. You bring scandal on the Catholic Church!


Please do not invite the POTUS


This is like inviting Hitler to speak at the JDL dinner. Get real. Obama and his buddies HATE the Church. Letting him speak at this dinner gives him more time to trash this country and try and get re-elected.

Francis Lambert,
We are known by the company we keep. This Obama is an evil, racist hater of Christianity and America. Don't defile Our Lady again in the wake of Notre Dame.

Ron Chambers,
obama needs,very much, to go back to Kenya

Neal McKinney,
I am a non-Catholic Christian. It is my prayer that you reconsider your invitation to the head of the political party that is opposed to almost all of the things Christ stands for.

Your Eminence, This action(the invitation)has completely ruined your credibility.

Inviting Obama assumes approval of his policies.


Michael Green,
Your invite only reinforces the notion that abortion and contraception are no big deal. Please reconsider and rescind the invitation.

Philomena Haas,
Please, rescind your invitation to Obama. He is an enemy of innocent human life hence he's enemy of the Church of Jesus Christ; the Roman Catholic Church.,
when Obama and the Dems were ramming Obamacare through, the Catholic Church was very supportive as they see Nationalized health care as part of "Social Justice". Didn't work out that way, did it???

Pamela Clarkson,
Please rescind President Obama invitation.

Marcella Walsh,
The Catholic Church should not give honor to this President.

Maureen Lange,

It is sad to have to write this letter to a Cardinal of the Church.


George Tomezsko,
The Church should NEVER pander to politicians of ANY stripe, and this smells not only like pandering, but something worse: groveling. Given the monumental egos of high-level public officials, nothing can flatter their vanity more than church officials come to them as supplicants, as this invitation implies. As the moral light of the world, may I remind his eminence that the mission of the church is to confront, rebuke, and unsettle a patently immoral and deteriorating political system

Fr Christopher Walsh,
Please reconsider this invitation. While there is a place for dialogue and fraternity, there is also a time when we must stand for principles. I believe your invitation has causes great confusion in the minds of may Catholics.

Mary Van Buhler,
"May God grant you the courage and wisdom to do what is right."


Frank Kalbacher,
He does not share our values or beliefs, he is diametrically opposed

John Weingarten,
How can the lay faithful ask the administration at their local Catholic institutions not to give honors or provide platforms to leaders who oppose Catholic teaching when the head of the USCCB does exactly that? Please, your Excellency, rescind the invitation, and avoid making a mockery of the most fundamental issues of the Church.

Would you say you could just "leave the politics at the door" if we were talking about Hitler? Would you just play nice with him for an evening and forget that he was killing millions of innocent people while you're joking and laughing with him?

Well, like Hitler, President Obama's policies are killing millions of innocents--the least among us.

Henry Rippel,
Please, Cardinal Dolan, this President cannot be trusted! If ever there's been a man to fill Archbishop Sheen's shoes, I know that man is you! I also know that Fulton Sheen would've recognized the danger that Barack Obama embodies, & I think you're beginning to.
Please don't give "Aid & Comfort" to a man who is the avowed Enemy of us all!
God Bless you, sir!

J. Frederick Bush, KM,
Please, your Eminence, rescind the invitation to President Obama. Otherwise, your actions cry out to heaven for justice and retribution from GOD ALMIGHTY for the murder of all the pre-born children dwelling in the presence of the MOST HOLY and DIVINE TRINITY. I am not stating this because of political persuasion, but because I am a "cradle" Catholic and a devoted son of the "Bride of Christ." This invitation gives great scandal and is in opposition to your sacred oath given to His Holiness when he created you a Cardinal. God bless you and may the HOLY SPIRIT impart on you your Confirmation fortitude to stand up to the wiles of the devil.

Carolyn Goldammer,

Donard Pranzo,
No equivocation; No rationalization;NO invitation.

Frances McMullen,
I am outraged. Period.

Dennis Delorey,
If the leader of the flock is afraid to stand up to scandal, what must the sheep do?

Ellen Larkin,
He lied & the Catholic Church will be paying for abortions. He has started a war against our Church.
Please rescind the invitation to the President.

Susan Monroe,
This president has done so much to stifle religious freedom in America. It is incomprehensible that he would be invited. It is an outrage and he does not deserve the honor.

elizabeth branham,
I believe President Obama should not have been invited to the fund raiser because he promotes abortion! Can't they raise money without him at the fundraiser? Bad decision, & mixed messages sent to the Cafeteria Catholics that don't know their faith. Mr & Mrs. Paul Branham, Texas

Kathleen May,
You are in my prayers



MW Kelly,
Obama has no place at the Al Smith dinner. Why would the Catholic Church invite someone who would very much like to legislate them out of existence? It will not be an event free of politics if Obama is in attendance!

Francis T. Killeavy,
Time for the church hierarchy to start acting like real leaders and show courage rather than continuing the well worn path of nuanced pandering and confusion.

M. Stell,

Unbelievable that you would consider this action! What would Jesus do? Wow!

Outrageous that this amoral would-be dictator (who wants to facilitate murdering MORE unborn innocents) will be listed as a keynote speaker at a Catholic foundation fundraising dinner for "healthcare causes." REALLY!

Howard Heminger,
Get your head out of your ass!

Mary Moretti,

Obama presents the greatest threat to the free exercise of religion in our era and you honor him? The Shepherds desert the flock and they wonder why the churches are empty! May God have mercy on the United States!

Shouldn't we be hearing from all the hierarchy that condemned Notre Dame for inviting Obama to speak at graduation ?

Christine Vecchione,
In full disagreement with the Cardinal's decision to invite pro-abortionist President Obama to your fund raiser. Cardinal, believe God for your finances.

William Eichhold,

Patrick Perusse,
I have a lot of respect for Cardinal Dolan but this has confused the heck out of me. Talk about mixed messages. One minute Cardinal Dolan is reprimanding Obama about his attacks on religious liberty the next minute he's giving our liberal Christian brothers and sisters a reason to vote for him in November.

Obama is so overwhelmingly pro-obortion, pro-goverment provided abortion that the catholic church should be at war with this president whose whole life has been a scam.

Simina Farcasiu,
Be as subtle as serpents and as guileless as doves. Not the other way around, your Excellency.

Paul C Rinderle,
You are giving this Devil forgiveness w/o Penance

Michael e. ward,
Principles matter more than politics!

Michael J. Maher,

John J.Hayes,
Just when I was starting to think that the Church was turning the corner here in America they do this. What a DISGRACE.

Nancy Seroka,

Kevin McCullough,
Obama is a deceiver, a liar, and a supporter of the murder of the innocents of our country. What will be your words to Christ on that terrible day?

Does the name "St. Thomas More" ring a bell?


Donna Bethell,

Floyd J Courtade,
We weere told by Bishop Hannan (now deceased to vote for Senator Landrieu would be a sin, because should was and is pro abortion. What are we to believe?


Rosina and Bill Farawell,
Joseph Zwilling said the dinner is "an evening to put politics aside and come together in a spirit of civility". Tell that to the millions and millions of murdered innocents that were aborted under Obama's watch and with his "blessing". Sure, let's cater to the "anti-christ"!!! in the spirit of civility-- where is his civility and where is your defense of our faith????? You don't compromise with evil based on civility, do you?

Deborah Storti,
Please do what is right and rescind the invitation to President Obama. The scandal that this action causes is blatantly obvious. Was anything learned from the Notre Dame invitation of a couple of years ago? Choose to be a consistent, bold defender of the Faith, Cardinal Dolan!

Debi Vinnedge,
There is absolutely no reason to invite the most anti-Catholic president this country has ever had to the Al Smith Foundation dinner. Follow the example of Cardina O'Connor and Cardinal Egan who did not invite the sitting presidents. Be a strong and protective shepherd for the flock Christ entrusted you to care for. We beseech you to not allow the Church to become a pulpit for Obama's political pandering which is exactly what you are doing by inviting him in an election year.

Barack Obama does not honor Catholic teaching. Catholics cannot honor Barack Obama.

Dorothy Bartkiewicz,

Dont allow obama


May God bless you, Cardinal Dolan, and may the Holy Spirit enlighten you with the truth, and courage, to stand strong in your faith, and to not be afraid to take a stand against evil. Evil will continue to win, as long as our leadership continues to remain silent. Be bold, and do not fear standing with God.

Donald Jones,
Your Eminence,
Pontius Pilate is infamous for his attempt at "washing his hands" of any responsibilty for turning Christ over to his executioners. We ask for your leadership in this situation. Please take a public stance on this issue in order to bring the plight of the unborn, and their execution, into the brighter light of public conscience.
Donald Jones
Ewing, NJ

Jennine Wilson,

Rev. J. Vincent Fitzpatrick,
The desire of Catholic bishops to snuggle up to pro-abortion politicians (which has been happening for more than forty years) is the main reason legal abortion has survived. The continued reception of Communion by pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians is enfeebling the pro-life movement, and eating the heart out of the Catholic Church in America. Cardinal Dolan, WAKE UP! REPENT of your self-deception!

Tom McGuire,
Why would Catholics provide a forum for this man?

Anne Reiser,

Your actions confuse your sheep. President Obama has lied to us one too many times. Why would you think your personality would win him over. Is this pride?

According to Joseph Zwilling this will be “an evening to put politics aside and come together in a spirit of civility”……how naive. The church is awash with scandal and cover ups. The church needs a backbone, and staunchly defend what values still remain. Cardinal Dolan is following the pattern that has tested my Catholic roots to the extreme limit. I expected more of him considering sad state of affairs surrounding the church of today.



Monica DeGraffenreid,

Amy O\'Crowley,
I am shocked at this news. I never thought I'd see Cardinal Dolan do this, I can't believe it. Cardinal Dolan- please re-think this! This cannot be a good step for our Church! Please put the needs and the future of our Church before politics. Thank you.

william peter blatty,

Elizabeth Anderson,
Never back down from right as the truth always wins in the end even if its the last day.

Giving President Obama any credibility by allowing him to speak in front of a prominent Catholic organization is sad and dangerous. Yet another reason to question my church's stance on what it claims are the most important issues of our day. Do as I say, not as I do, right? Disgusting.

As a loyal Catholic, President Obama is an enemy of the Church and all of its teachings.

susan wueller,

Rev. Mr Charles C. Quigley,

Edward & Dolores Miller,
Dear Cardinal Dolan, President O'Bama is the enemy of the unborn. You cannot put politics aside for civility when murder is involved. We prayfully ask you to cancel Pres. O'Bama's invitation. Yours in Christ Ed & Dolores Miller

Henry R. Stern,

Kevin Dowd,
The president and his secretary of HHS have exhibited such contempt for Catholics, there is no way he should be invited. Has Cardinal Dolan forgotten the doublecross of healthcare?

Dorothy Osborne,
I can see the media pictures of a Dolan & Obama and other Catholic leaders smiling as if nothing of importance or error has occured. I see that Catholic leaders have sold themselves for federal money for healthcare. Catechism of The Catholic Church #1789 On August 9, 2012, in Catechism, by uCatholic ....1789 Some rules apply in every case:
- One may never do evil so that good may result from it; - the Golden Rule: “Whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them.”
- charity always proceeds by way of respect for one’s neighbor and his conscience: “Thus sinning against your brethren and wounding their conscience . . . you sin against Christ.” Therefore “it is right not to . . . do anything that makes your brother stumble.”
Obama is the greatest sinner and he deserves no honor, but be shamed.

Larry Ballard,
The Obama invitation amounts to an endorsement from the USCCB and the Catholic Church in America. Obama has proven to be an enemy to the Church and Cardinal Dolan cannot serve two masters, political correctness and his faith. This year is not business as usual and this invitation sends a terrible message to Catholics in the United States.


Lippolis Family,

rm coleman,
please stop enabling the enemy

Please be a true shepard to your flock.


In this age of "sell-outs" it truly sickens me to see how Church leaders set an example by eagerly abandoning the beliefs taught by Christ in favor of being "Politically Correct", i.e. ignoring the facts. However, since the Church paid for Obama's Marxist Alinsky training, maybe this dinner is simply another indication of the Church Oligarchy's true beliefs.

Gerald F. Newnam,

Richard Whitehead,
This invite is nothing less than a travesty considering that this president is the most pro-abortion president this country ever had.

john j mcgowan,
the catholic church has been bleeding badly for some time..some of us hoped that the resurgence led by Dolan, Chaput and the new man in Baltimore would stop the bleeding Now we see it is democrat-catholic business as usual. Perhaps Dolan will receive an appointment from Obama. Thanks Cardinal - so disappointing

Mary Hathorne,
Please let's not have another scandal like Notre Dame!


Monica Baird,
Please reconsider and make sure this President doesn't have a platform. Or you'll seriously be hurting confessed Catholics.


Your Eminence, faithful laymen are being called on to resist the secular and radical left in their efforts to deny us a place in the public square. We need to see leadership that strongly denounces all that Obama stands for---not just with words, but with action. Our sacrifice might well be deep; please, please! Give us your public and unwavering example in these frightening times.

God Bless America and those who fight to perserve her for the righteous.

Beth Clark,

Shirley a brown,
I'm appalled a catholic organization would invite Obama to a catholic charity event

I am married to a catholic ( I am not) and have attended catholic church (no communion) for 35 yrs. I have donated to the catholic church and raised my children (2) in the catholic church. I have attended a vigil at 4am Saturday mornings for 2 yrs w/my wife. I am loyal. When is the catholic church going to stand on their principles and be loyal to those principles or is it all situational. There are laws/rules and one either follows them or not. I am seriously considering withdrawing my support for those that can't follow their own laws/rules. It is all politics, both in Washington and New York.

W. Carpenter,

Seanp Brown,
I am digusted that you would invite this proponent of the MURDER of innocent lives to speak and have this platform for attempting to perpetuate his destructive and deadly policies! Absolutely DUMBFOUNDED at how a Catholic organization can even CONSIDER having someone like this speak at one of OUR gatherings! Absolutely disgusting!

Please retract the invitation to the most divisive president in the history of this country. As a practicing Catholic, I am personally offended by the stance this man has taken against the Catholic Church and the citizens of this country.

R. J. Reynolds,

victor b. coster,
I hope the Arch-dDiocese will not digrace the memory of Al Smith,Cardidnal O,Conner, or Cardinal Egan,AMEN

Robert Grace,
This invitation should be retracted. Nobody that believes in killing babies should ever be allowed on a Catholic platform.

Joe Welsh,
If the Cardinal invites this person. Every one else that's invited should boycot the dinner.

Helen Byrne,
Please retract this invitation to President Obama, it should never have been given to him.

Dan Sully,
Please, Un-invite him. He does not deserve to
be invited.

Juliette Aurora,
If you, Cardinal Dolan, truly believe and teach that abortion is truly and "intrinsic evil" - then you do not eat dinner with "evil". You fight it with everything you can!


You are such an inspiration, Cardinal Dolan....please don't let us down in this circumstance.

Portelli Family,

Anthony Teofrio,
Why give this guy another opportunity to inflate his ego.

Kathleen O\'Brien,
No more, stop inviting these people.


George C. Bonifant,

Martin James,
And I thought Notre Dame's invitation to Obama was outrageous. This is beyond the pale!

Mary L. Drittler,
Un-invite him. He is continually shredding our liberty and freedom of religion.

mark stender,
this invitation should be rescinded!

When will the veil be lifted so that everyone can clearly see?

Chris Castagnoli,

Alice Nicholas,

Would that your intention was to convert his heathen heart in a fully public rebuke and admonishment, in the style of the Doctors of the Church...

Stephanie Varljen,

Teresa Micillo,
I am very disappointed to hear of the invitation extended to President Obama. I believe it sends a mixed and confusing message, not only to we Cathoics, but especially to non-Catholics, who are thinking,"They invited him to one of their fundraisers, so he must not be considered THAT bad, by Catholics." "If that's the case, then what has all this hoopla been about?" This invitaion, likely, will keep some usual contributors from attending.
Please recind your invitation to the President, immediately. Very respectfully,

K. Roberts,
The President has been anti-catholic from the start, the church is the only one to stand up to him. Don't give in now.

Campion Quinn,
Obama must go

Not appropriate, in light of the HHS mandate controversy. Gives the wrong impression, appearing as Catholic validation of the HHS mandate. Obama can use this as publicity to get "squishy-Catholic" votes. Why is Cardinal Dolan working for Obama's re-election?

Robert Brown,

Guadalupe Loera,

Marisol Valladares,

Anne Doody,
Dear Cardinal Dolan,
I truly do not understand your decision for the Obama invitation. Your spokesperson said it was time to set aside "political" considerations! Your Eminence, how are we not dealing with matters of morality and religious freedom regarding Obama's policies and plans for our country?! I so championed your firm stand when the contraceptive mandate was announced. I thought you were a grand moral compass! What has happened to you????

Mike and Sharon Arata,
As president of USCCB, Cardinal Dolan should himself heed the bishops' statement on "Catholics in Political Life": "...The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions."


Living in SF and among so many Catholic religion haters and phony Catholics(Pelosi)this invitation is just another familiar example of how we Catholics are marginalized. What good came come of this-Obama does not respect our religion.

Barbara Albright,

Catholics, you had better get your spiritual house in order. What a terrible decision to invite Himself to do anything but repent.

M/M A . Graziano,
We are both practicing Catholics. It is shameful that you would in effect state it is ok to vote for someone who not only actively supports abortion and same sex marriage, but also supports Marxist/Socialist philosophy. Obama will use YOU.
Thank you NOT for trying to destroy not only our Catholic faith but also the USA!

Gabriel & Pilar Espinosa,

This is outrageous and I would hope that his Eminence would retire soon before he starts losing all his marbles.

Cecily Parell,

Please stand up and fight for the innocent!!

Barbara Parell,

I dropped my healthcare coverage because of the individual mandate, so right now I have no health insurance and someday might have to go to jail rather than pay the fine. The least my church can do is uninvite the person threatening my freedom if I obey the rules of the church.

I, respectively ask Cardinal Dolan to rescind this invitation.

Michael Kriegel,

First Notre Dame, now Cardinal Dolan. How many blunders does it take for the Church's leadership to realize you can't play nice with your enemies?

Patrick J. Whipp,
Hey Bishop Dolan, "Are you NUTS or what". Have the moral courage to do the right thing & dissinvite the Catholic bigot, Obama !


Kathy Raimondi,
President Obama's invitation to the Alfred E. Smith dinner is shocking to me. Bishop Dolan's attempt to share the ministry of the Catholic Church with this president is noteworthy but it reminds me of the fable of the unsuspecting frog who carried the scorpion across the river only to be stung fatally. In our attempts to be Christian we are in this case inviting catastrophe by allowing this enemy of the Catholic Church to use this event as 'proof' that he is back in the graces of the Catholic Church. This is the most anti-life president this country has ever known. Please read this carefully: Obama is our enemy.


Anyone having anything to do with Obama should think twice. He ruined our country and now is continuing to ruin our religion.

Mark Vaillancourt,
Cardinal Dolan, I pray that the Holy Spirit will help you make the best decision. My feelings on this are that having the President there would work against all we are trying to accomplish in the fight for religious freedom. God Bless and thanks for considering my petition.

Gregg Nicholl,
This decision is one that calls into question the unity of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Dolan, you are wittingly or unwittingly contributing to division within the Church. Liberal Catholics (Catholics In Name Only) will seize upon this invite as confirmation that cotraception and abortion are, if not acceptable, at least tolerable to the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, a remnant of believers in traditional Catholic doctrine have recently voiced their support for the bishops and their stand against the HHS Mandate. You, sir have made a grave error.

Pres. Obama is for partial birth abortion - it is disgusting to think that my Church would ask such him to speak at any event. Shame on you Cardinal Dolan!

Pam Vaillancourt,
Cardinal Dolan, I pray that the Holy Spirit will help you make the best decision. My feelings on this are that having the President there would work against all we are trying to accomplish in the fight for religious freedom. God Bless and thanks for considering my petition.

thomas j. casey,

Billy Darnell,
Cardinal Dolan, The Catholic church and its faithful members are still examples of Christian strength and virtue to many protestants like myself. I would encourage you to listen to your faithful members and not compromise your diocese by inviting in this man who has seemingly gone out of his way to offend Christians and attack their values and religious freedoms.

This is outrageous to invite Obama to speak at Al Smith Memorial Fund Dinner. He is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage. I cannot believe this. You are backing his stand on all that we Catholics believe! I find this very offensive!!

Dan Hassett,
Please Cardinal Dolan, please do not meet with this President. I'm sure he would give a campaign speech implying that Republicans want Catholics to die. He has no shame and will say anything to the American people to buy a vote, no matter how big a lie.He can not be believed. He never intended to work with the Catholic Church. He has no respect for our beliefs. Most radical left wing senator of partial birth abortion. Please do not reward him for his sins and lies. I am not without sin, but I am trying to follow God and the Churches teachings. Please stand up for us fighting the good fight.

Daniel Cassidy,
Do you think the early Christians dined with Diocletian and sat him at the head table? Such a great Pope, so many good and holy priests...such corrupt and spineless middle management!


Colleen Harrington Irving,

I agree, this travesty of inviting obama must be STOPPED!!


Mary Kay Sullivan,
Any photos from this event would be used by President Obama to imply Catholic agreement with his policies; please don't give him the chance to mislead more Catholics.



Charles E. McHugh,
President Obama is not at all sympathetic to the principles endorsed by Al Smith and his presence would be a detraction at best and a scandal at worst.


David M. Wood,
No more Notre Dame scandals...The Obama administration does not respect our beliefs in Faith and Morals...He NEVER WILL!!!!...WE MUST TAKE A STAND NOW!!


Mary Bohlen,

Darlene Gordon,
This is the type of "cowtowing" that got this idiot elected in the first place!!!!!!!!

Margaret Hans,
The Catholic Church has suffered in the past 50-60 years because it did not stand firm in the teachings of Christ. Here's a chance to begin to correct the damage. Stand firm for our values and beliefs!

An invitation to Obama to attend the Al Smith dinner, knowing what we now know about this most pro-abortionist and anti-Catholic President is a mistake and a disgrace. Let us truly stand firm for our Catholic principles and stop being "nice".

Craig Colbert,

Mary Terry,

George Jensen,
The Catholic Church should stand by their own laws and writings. To invite Oresident Obama is contradictory to the church's standings on human rights and pro life principles.

Tom Maskulinski,

Louis Figueroa,



John Lafranchise,
Your Eminence,
Jesus was never "politically correct", nor would he have invited Pilate (or Obama) to a celebration that supports Catholic values. Please stop the hypocracy and follow the example of the early church martyrs - stand up t anti-catholic leaders. "Dialogue" is another word for treason.

Paul Johnson,
Your Eminence, giving a window to someone who is so outrageously opposed to many of the positions of the Church is certainly scandalous. Please rescind the invitation.

Bryan Knowles,
you ask us to stand with you for religious freedom, and we do - you tell us not to engage in even the appearance of sin (i.e. scandal), and we do our best to follow your teaching - and now you do this - it is a slap in the face of the faithful who are trying to stand up for the Church

Ann Marie Cesare,
Your Eminence,
This invitation is most confusing and distressing for the laity of our Church. It has to be looked upon by all of our country as an endorsement of the platform of the Democratic party.

Andrew Ensley,

Terence Vaught,
I am so very sad to see this happening within our Church. It is, however, in line with prophesy.....

Ted J. Huerena,
After the betrayal you cite regarding the contraception mandate, how can this president be received without converting or recanting the wrong done. Unconscionable.


Joanne McKenna,
This is an outrage and a scandal! How can you expect Catholic Americans to take the Church & her Bishops seriously about voting this year when you do something like this? Please don't!

I guess that Henry II, Henry VIII, and George III were not available. History is full of anti-Catholic tyrants who have been survived by the Catholic Church, but it is important to call out those who threaten freedom of religion, any religion, and avoid kneeling in some misplaced humility to honor those who would use their position of power as a base upon which to attack the Church, its core beliefs and its good works. It is humiliating and wrong for any Catholic organization to invite Mr. Obama to any Catholic gathering. Did we learn nothing from the awful mistake of Notre Dame?

Grace O\'Brien,
Have you no sense of the bashing Catholics are taking from this man who calls himself President of all the people?

A. Rose,
Your Eminence,
While you are photographed dining and joking with President Obama, in contrast Rev. Billy Graham will be praying and fasting for '40 days to save America'.

James Casey,
This is a surrender to the enemy; it is a repeat of the scandal at the University of Notre Dame, my alma mater, only worse because Obama as already declared war on the Church in particular and on religion in general. In the Notre Dame case, at least Father Jenkins can be excused by his naive hope. Now we know the devil, and he is invited to dinner.

Brian stone,

Paul Bush,

Angela Ballard,

Paco Jimenez,
Please consider the millions murdered under the leadership of this President and his companions in the Democrat Party. We must speak for the children who cannot speak for themselves.

Kaye stremke,
Do let the president of death to little babies,the man who wants to kill future babies. He is not a man of God. What is wrong with the Cardinal Dolan

Pete Starkovich,

D.J. Rigney,

Charles Weber,
Allowing Obama to speak invites a charge of hypocrisy by the church and those inviting him. His actions have been anti-Christian and detrimental to the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Please reconsider. Thank you.

The Catholic vote in the bag against Obama? Don't be so sure when the hierarchy puts assiduous political correctness above moral principle.

I am highly disappointed and confused as to why you are doing this. Please explain to us why????

James P Condon,

Leo Garcia,
Disinvite Barack Hussein! He has declared war on our church!

Regrettably, the Obama Administration is persecuting the church through its mandate. While we should pray for our President, it is a grave error to invite him to a Catholic fundraising event, given the Administration's current anti-Catholic policy.

Amanda Highers,

Dr. David Rusch,
This invitation is a slap in the face to all faithful Catholics. Please withdraw the invitation and apologize.

Megan Augustine,

Rosemary Cliff,


Robert Morgan,

marion sioma,

Do not give Obama a platform at any Catholic institution, much less the Al Smith dinner!

Mrs. Mary Weilert,

Please don't destroy any more Catholic unborn babies by continuing this mistaken invite to an evil person.

Cardinal Dolan. What are you thinking. These kind of things are exactly what the man in the white house wants.. He has taken advantage of many weak Catholics and now for you to do soft on the Catholic Church. You just got done defending religious freedom as a terrible act against the Church and the 1st Amendment. This makes the Catholic Church look weak. PLEASE DENY HIM THE VISIT TO AL SMITH DINNER. This has never been done before. DO NOT DO IT THIS YEAR

Peter Bertran,
This invitation sends out the wrong message to many Catholics. It can be interpreted as some kind of reconciliation and acceptance of the Obama Administration etc.This could have disasterous consequences. Peter Bertran

John J. Sandhaas,
I never met Governor Alfred E. Smith, but his grandson was in an elementary boarding schol with me, i.e. Coindre Hall. I asked Frank to bring my Graduation Autograph book to his gandfather in May 1944. The great Al Smith died sis months later and so I might have the last autograph he ever signed. He was a politician, but I feel that he was honest and honorable. At the time, he was living in Rye, New York.

Dennis & Diane Zimdars,
With Obama's attack on the Catholic Church how can you do this just a few weeks before the election?

As a Catholic father of three children how can you do do this to us? We are fighting for our religious freedom against this man and his anti-Catholic pollicies

Andrea McCavitt,


I would like to speak to Cardinal Dolan and here his side. Icannot believe this holy man knows about this.

You have shown us in the pews that you are not serious about opposing the HHS mandate with your patronizing with the enemy actions. Obama will never take you seriously after this faux paus. You have given in and invited the Trojan horse into the Church. Cancl the invitation and show that the Church does have convictions that mean something to us, at least some of us.

It has come to my attention that Catholic Charities
is affiliated with a pro abortion group. I will no longer contribute to C.C.USA,once my favorite charity, and am saddened by this situation.

Julia Oelker,
Your Eminence, I am not ashamed to beg you to reconsider. This invitation amounts to appeasement of a sworn enemy of the weakest members of the human race.

Teresa Jones,

The Catholic church does not need any type of scandal associated with it. Please do not do this right before a major election!

Anthony Lennox,


Patrick C. Lighthart,
Obama will never take you seriously after this faux paus. As a Catholic father of three children how can you do do this to us? We are fighting for our religious freedom against this man and his anti-Catholic pollicies! PLEASE DENY HIM THE VISIT TO AL SMITH DINNER.


Alfred J. Lemire,
This Mass-attending, loyal Catholic, who gives too much of his limited income to support his parish and diocese, feels a great sadness as his life and that of a brother dim and he realizes that a naïf leads the Church in the United States.

Though I visit relatives in Manhattan and attend Mass with them in a church close to Lincoln Center, I was not really aware of you until you spoke after news of the Arizona immigration law broke. The chief providers of that news for most of the country were staffers of The New York Times and the Associated Press. Their articles were typical of much that comes from the news media these days: false, propagandistic, misleading. The AP called the Arizona law “sweeping.” It was not.

Almost certainly on the strength of press reports, you and some regrettable Cardinal on the West Coast attacked the law. I do not know the source of his information, but you almost certainly spoke after digesting the contents of the New York Times report, along with your breakfast. The lesson I drew: you do not seek out others for counsel before speaking out on matters in which you have limited knowledge, like the content and intention of the Arizona law. You reached a judgment with neither knowledge nor understanding. And I worried that such a man could lead the New York archdiocese.

You could not have sought out competent counsel (and I’m not referring solely to a lawyer’s counsel) before you decided to issue the invitation to the President of the United States to attend the Al Smith dinner. The invitation from Notre Dame to Mr. Obama to address the college was a disaster and Mary Ann Glendon appropriately rejected the Laetare Medal sop extended to her. Your invitation rises from disaster to historic catastrophe.

Silly people seem to think that the notorious demagogue in the White House, dedicated to the entirety of the left’s political and social program, can be made to ease his attempt to destroy liberty and the Church by making nice with him. Would making nice with Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin softened their policies? Of course not. Nor will it ever cause Mr. Obama to veer from his path, one destructive of American’s spiritual and material welfare

II do not have the time to produce the count of Catholic institutions and employers who are suing to end this Democratic Party government’s effort to force Catholics to ratify the funding of not only contraception, but also female sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. I worked for nearly eight years as a newspaper reporter and follow what the news media do, and grasp what they do. To the best of my knowledge, the historic suits against the government by Catholic institutions have yet to be reported in my local newspaper, which the New York Times Co. owns.

Earlier this year, the Susan G. Komen Foundation stopped funding Planned Parenthood. The protest against that drew prompt Page One presentation in my local newspaper, the Telegram & Gazette, of an AP news story on that. The paper also ran a photo, atop the Page One fold, of three angry women protesting the Komen Foundation decision. The T&G’s staff does not uniformly chant the same leftist songs, but the people who edit and place the national news do lean strongly left. (The grossly corrupt AP nevertheless did run a report on the Catholics’ suits. As with other news reports, one has to realize that what one reads is propaganda . One has to look elsewhere for truthful information, but, at least, the AP did report that the suits existed.)

So at least this Catholic grasps what it must have been like to be a Jew in Nazi Germany. I know little of how the Catholic hierarchy reacted to the Nazi advent and rule, but I now how the leaders of my church are dealing with the threat against it. The bishop of my diocese, who shares your naïveté, nevertheless provided effective leadership of a Fortnight for freedom observance.

And here you are, making nice with the man who has prompted yet another crisis in the history of the Church in this country, blurring the reason for opposition to this president! I can hear the “seamless garment” nonsense before it will be said. Hey, this is only one part of Mr. Obama and he is doing so much to bring aid to the poor. (He needs to, since his policies encourage poverty.) The hierarchy has been consistent in creating the Monster, in a folly similar to that of a character in a Mary Bysshe Shelley novel. See an article by Paul Rahe on how the high clergy has colluded with the left to fashion the power now being used against it.

They had the best of intentions. So do you. So do many Catholics on the political and social left. They are fools, as you were a fool to trust the president, who does not care a bit about our shared moral principles, but does care about making his secular ideology dominate all aspects of American life.

If Mr. Obama is reelected, one can be sure he and his allies at NARAL Pre-Choice America and Planned Parenthood will either issue Executive rulings or bring suits to force Catholics to support free abortions as well. (Didn’t anyone else notice how quiet the named organizations were when the man from Chicago and other places issued an Executive Order after ObamaCare was passed, a piece of paper with no weight to it? They have been rather quiet since, waiting for the time to strike after Mr. Obama and Joseph Biden get four more years of power to remake America into something that perhaps I thankfully will not live to experience. (I am not hopeful these days, and your folly makes my heart sink even more.

Naïf. Fool. I could be harsher. Those words will do.

Instead of trying to get the approval of the most pro-abortion president in history, try developing a spine for a change and rescind the invitation.

An invitation to this dinner is not putting "politics side for an evening of civility"- it is putting aside a denial of constitutional rights. President Obama is trying to deny free exercise of religion. A seoond invitation to this dinner, afer all that has transpired, IS a source of scandal and causes me to question my church yet again. Cardinal Dolan, please reinforce your leadership in preserving our first amendment rights and withdraw the invitation.

James Arturo Broberg,

John Dalkner,

Stop – appearances do count and the country is watching. Instead of giving the President and the news media a great photo op for his campaign, stand-up for Church teachings and do not include him on the invite list.

Sharon Schoenung,

Ronald Wolf,
This is more proof of the traitors that infiltrate our church at all levels. Cowards and marxists, inviting the state do what was the obligation of the church.

Celeste Youngblood,
This is a "non-religious event" inasmuch as Catholic hospitals and universities aren't considered "Catholic enough" to be exempted from the contraception mandate. This will confuse many, I am afraid.

Marc Crotty,
The veneer of Catholic morality in our society is very thin. The Obama invitation causes scandal and confusion amongst the Faithful.

How far can you compromise principles?

Victoria JOnes,

Robert Gros,
The invitation to President Obama speaks volumes of what is wrong with our Catholic leadership today.

Thomas E Goundrey,
Stand up! Don't be like Notre Dame's President

Armand Aliotta,
Why extend courtesy to such an alien disrespectful person.
I'm very disappointed in the cardinal

Abram Unger,

Obama despises Catholic teachings. To invite him is despicable.

Liz Priore,
pleade listen to loyal, faithful Catholics on this matter.


Stand against his attack on religious freedom

Don Schmalz,
I can tell you that IF you don't rescind your invitation to obama, I will NOT donate into the Collection Plate on Sundays-for at least ONE YEAR! This man is the Devil Himself and needs to be stopped! Hopefully he won't get ONE Catholic Vote this fall!!

Barak Obama believes that it should be legal to stab a baby in the head and suck her brains out.

Suzan Dereli,
The Cardinal has said the invitation is about civility and not politics. However, Obama's unrelenting attack on the Catholic faith and church, the phony war on women campaign, are the re the height of inicivility. Please, do not allow this man to further insult faithful Catholics by inviting him to this event.


John & Audrey Ford,

charles esgro jr,
The invitation is not only a stupid idea, it is a morally wrong thing to do.

Don't make the same mistake Fr. Jenkins, Pres. of Notre Dame, made, a disgraceful disregard of the Magisterium's directive and a scandalous assent to political correctness.

Patrick Dean,
Emminence- Please re-consider this unnecessary and ill fated gesture of civility towards the President. He is not only a false friend (as you found out)- he will use the event as a talking point to the poorly educated and luke warm Catholics as a display of how the President and Church leadership are actual good old friends and everything is just peachy. The invitation is scandalous. Emminence, please reconsider.

paul coffey,
better a mill stone be tied around his neck .....

Dale Waskiewicz,

J P Kane,
When will the Catholic hierarchy understand that this President is consciously working against the Catholic Church?

How much further does obama have to push,before you believe he means what he SAYS!! What an insult it is to the faithful to give this JUDAS a voice

When is the leadership of the Catholic Church going to practice what it preaches instead of pandering to politicians? Sir Thomas More and John Paul II were defenders of the faith. From the pedophile priest coverups to the current pandering to illegals to fill the pews (Does anyone remember Thou shall not lie and Thou shall not steal?), it is little wonder the faithful have fallen away - from the leadership, not Jesus.


Peter Schwartz,
A man who is the antithesis of Catholic values and hostile to Catholic theology does not deserve to be involved with any Catholic organization.

Enio & Dorothy Di Pietro,
We join with our Catholic/Christian community in praying that "GOD may grant you the courage and wisdom to do what is right." And, please may God Bless you for fighting for and speaking for us.

K. Behrendt,
The president has NOT helped Catholics. He has given us HIS CHOICE in the HHS Mandate to swallow. Your Emminence, you can rescind this invitation, and let that speak volumes for the Church in the USA. WE WILL NOT accept violations to our conscience and our beliefs any longer. I hardly believe that Oscar Romero pandered to the politics of his time. That is what we need from our Bishops. We the FAITHFUL Catholics can not do it without you our shepherds. "To those who have been given much, much will be required, TO THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN MORE IN TRUST, EVEN MORE WILL BE REQUIRED". I whole heartedly agree with Mr. Dean's comment.

Justin Fothe,
I am TOTALLY AGAINST Dolan doing this. He should know better than to do this especially with the things Obama supports and funds.

Richard Sherry,

You either adhere to Catholic teachings or you don't.

Do NOT support a pro-abortion politician. Disinvite Obama.

Stephen Borthwick,
Mr. Obama, whatever his own confession of faith, has made it clear through his policies that he is decidedly anti-Catholic. While Our Lord teaches us to forgive our enemies, he likewise teaches us to seek the conversion of sinners. This sometimes requires us to be clear to our enemies when they have done something that requires their conversion - I hope that Cardinal Dolan, who has shown such willingness to defend the faith, will take the necessary step and send a clear message to Mr. Obama that his administration's support of sodomy and child-murder is evil and through them he has made himself an enemy of the Church.

Louis Giliberto,
Pope Benedict has already said religious liberty is under attack in the US like never before, and a Catholic Cardinal is inviting the man behind that attack? Your Eminence, with all due respect, this is an affront to Christ and His martyrs, as well as all the unborn children this President continues to facilitate the murder of. Please disinvite him or remove the name "Catholic" from "New York Catholic Charities" because there is increasingly little that is Catholic about them.

Eminence, isn't this called causing scandal?

Juan Lopez Jr,

Frank Yuchymiw,

No one takes you bishops seriously. You say abortion is a grave evil but when it comes time to act rather than talk, you cave Of course, you could oppose him to his face . . . I won't be holding my breath for that to happen.

Cornelius Kane,
Mr. Obama at the Al Smith dinner would be like Henry VIII at Thomas More's canonization celebration.

the church will be taken advantaged once again by the dems/obama. please do not engage them in any way

I am really frustrated with the weakness of Church officials.

Helen Shimansky,
Cardinal Dolan, you are allowing scandal. Stop this now!

Ernest Bianco,

Clarita Glomski,

Kathy Kuhns,

Pope Benedict has said we are losing our religious liberty. We are losing it because the U.S. Bishops have joined hands with those that are trying to take our religious liberty away. It is past time for the U.S. Bishops to stand up and to unite. It is time to stop the scandal of inviting the far left to receive awards and give speeches. It is time for the US Bishops to have a spine and stand up for the official teachings of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Catholic Church is in a mess and losing its religions freedoms because this has not been done in the past.

Theresa Brown,
Archbishop Dolan, with all due respect to your role as a priest and shepherd, PLEASE RESCIND THE INVITATION TO OBAMA IMMEDIATELY. Do you not realize the message that your invitation is conveying to Catholics, and most importantly to our children? To make matters worse, the reasons given for the invitation to Obama are both absurd and insultingly condescending! Is it no wonder that Catholics today are so confused and divided? Is it no wonder that Obama won the last election because of the Catholic vote? Hasn't our Lord and his Church suffered enough scandal and confusion by Catholic priests and religious, the sons and daughters of perdition, who insist on publicly honoring and endorsing a politician who has forced down the throats of the American people more intrinsically evil acts, laws, and mandates than anyone else in the history of this country? When is the Catholic Church going to take a firm and consistent stand? Why are we
honoring Obama yet again and providing him with another publicized platform to his LIES? God have mercy! EITHER WE STAND TOGETHER AGAINST THIS EVIL MAN AND HIS EVIL SOCIALISTIC AGENDA OR WE ALL FALL VICTIM TO IT!!
Please, for the love of God, correct this major error in judgement and rescind this invitation immediately.


Now is certainly not the time to honor or praise those who would destroy us. Please stop straddling the fence between good and evil. It is time to pick a side.

Robert Rainer,
No! Don't do it.


Maria D. Dicino,
As if it was not bad enough to endure the last four years of an administration that shows nothing but contempt for Catholics-ruining my 2009 birthday by speaking at Notre Dame with his baby killing views-like he doesn't want women punished with a baby, where I was crying so hard I did not even eat my cake, PLEASE do rescind the invite as he has nothing but contempt for us Catholics and religious freedom as he allowed HHS to proceed with their baby killing mandates. Thank you.


Michele Diehl,
Please disinvite immediately and come out with a STRONGLY worded, PUBLIC announcement of why you are doing so.

Roxanne Thurlow,

Charles Haan,
Your Excellency:
In a Newspaper Article it is stated, "One of the main problems the Vatican had with the Leadership Conference for Women Religious is its choice of speakers at their annual assemblies." What are we the Faithful to believe when the Vatican is critical of Women Religious while it is okay to give the person who is demanding we Religious to defy the word of God; Acts 5:29 - "We must obey God rather than men", a seat at he table representing the foundation of Christianity. Say a Prayer, ask God to enlighten you so you properly represent your Flock.

Jodie Jenkins,


You know, when you turned your back on me 4 times at a pro life banquet in Waukesha, I had an odd feeling about you being more of a "networker" than a people person. Guess my gut feeling was right....

Eric Nelson,

Rich D\'Ippolito,
I find it appalling that a man who would call a baby "punishment" to his daughters, refused to sign a bill protecting the life of a baby born of a botched abortion, and is now advocating debasing society and the long-standing common meaning of an English word by calling the unholy unions of two people of the same sex "marriage" is about to be given the respect of the floor at a Catholic charity when all Christians are struggling to fight the evils of what Archbishop Charles Chaput called "Little Murders" when he was in Denver. Can we not all stand together on this? Can you not see the assault on religious freedom and the First Amendment? What, my God, are you thinking? I am a member of the PC (USA).


Your Excellency:
I strongly urge you to disinvite President Obama. President Obama has shown himself to be openly hostile to the church's teachings and American ideals. Please do not give him a further platform to make light of great harm he is doing to our church and our society. To do so is to be complicit with his harmful ideology.

Joanne Schmidt,
The perception this gives is scandalous, Your Eminence. Please do not play into the devil's hands.

Michael Penny,

mary e. decker rn ms,
I will no longer give any donations to Catholic Charities if Obama speaks at this dinner. That is a promise Mary


Peter Judge,
Super-naive Cardinal Dolan, by this action, will have delivered the "Catholic" vote to Obama. The sheppard has laid down his sheep's life and his own soul for a feast of jollity with the wolf.






Robert M. Callahan,
It was a disgrace, when Obama was "honored" by Notre Dame University. It is just as much of a disgrace to "honor" Obama at the upcoming Alfred E. Smith Memorial Fund Dinner. Obama's beliefs and values are totally in conflict, with the Catholic Faith, that I grew up with. Disinvite Obama, NOW!!!

Michele F.,
This is just too much to take. What is wrong with the Catholic Church today? Have the courage of your convictions. Rescind Obama's invitation. Donation and attendance will surely drop like a rock if you don't stand up for the principles of the Catholic faith.

Richard Berger,
Please do not let this invitation stand. This individual does not share the vision of the Catholics whom he will be speaking too. Look at his dismal record on abortion and contraceptives. I will not contribute to Catholic Charities if this is left unchecked.

Janis Quinn,
I can understand sharing the same room with President Obama and any democrat who supports abortion. How else can they be enlightened and graced with the knowledge that life is God's precious gift that should not be a political issue? We can only hope by open discussion and prayer to influence. AWARDS NO WAY. I will teach and spread the message that every young man and woman can hold themselves with the greatest dignity when they choose to abstain until they are prepared to become parents. Why are we Catholics? I have forgiveness for those who have made the hard to decision to settle for abortion. But I can't support a Charity that honors abortion supporters. I pray you will have the courage to step back and know this can be changed. I am a Faith Formation Catechist. What do you want me to teach my students? How about fairytale? I knew when I converted to become a Catholic that I would have to keep my eye on the Cross of Jesus to know the truth. I always have and always will inspite of the insults to our wonderful religion demonstrated by pompous political church leaders. I would like to know what Archbishop Mcarrick's thoughts would be. I have you in my prayers. God have mercy on you in heaven.

Regina A. Waite, RN, BSN, BA,
I respectfully remind Your Eminence, that at the Particular Judgement a priest will not only have to answer for his own soul, but for the souls of those who were entrusted to him. At the moment of death the separated soul is internally illuminated as to its own guilt or innocence and of its own initiation takes its course either to hell, or to purgatory, or to heaven (Summa Theologica Supplement 69:2, 88:2)

David Ponzio,

Susan Hesnard,
Stop patronizing the culture of death and the abortion blood sacrifices. Speak the truth and Call the Obama and Pelosi and Harry Reid Progressives Democrats what they are which is anti-God and anti 10 Commandments


Jim Casteel,

Ray Sanderson,

Elke Clark,

Paul Schnitzel,
Please, do not invite this president who wants to force you to betray your moral heritage so that you can feel good about yourself.

Jeremy Vincent,
The line in the sand has been drawn by President Obama. I have chosen which side to stand on. Where will my religion I love dearly choose to stand.

David Busa,
Why would you invite a pro abortion, pro gay, anti 10 commandments, anti American? What a slap in the face to all Catholics.

Erin McGahuey,
There has never been a president so anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, anti-life. How can you even consider inviting Mr. Obama to the dinner, especially during an election year when the Obama campaign will use the invitation as more fodder to lure the uniformed to vote for Obama.
Please rescind the invitation. It is not too late to show the church and the New York Diocese is still Pro-Life, Pro-Christian, Pro-Catholic.

Kathleen Turan,
I am so disappointed to here that an invitation has gone from a Cardinal to President Obama. He needs our prayers, not an invitation.

James Bates,
I agree with every word of the above petition!

Please reconsider your actions for the good of the Catholic faith

Julian Tonning,
Stand fast.

C. Rybacki,

B.J. Tomei,
Please disinvite Obama.....he is against everything Catholics stand for!!! He has no morals and will only politicise this function!

If you are CATHOLIC, Obama can NOT attend!

Jeff Followell,
I am not a Catholic (or any other mainstream religion)yet I am appalled that anyone could fail to see how anti-religion this POTUS is and to give him apparent acceptance/platform to spit in your face is beyond understanding to me.

Dear Cardinal Dolan, I was excited for your appointment. A withdrawl of your invitation at this time will speak volumes. End this tyranny. Do not embrace it.

Please withdraw your invitation to President Obama. He has constantly supported legislation and programs that contradict the word and spirit of the Bible.


Mary Copas,

John M. Driscoll,
Stop the assault on Catholicism now.

Rose B. Kehoe,
I thought you had caught on to how treacherous a person Barak Obama is. Please stop giving him a pass. He has shown himself to be an avowed enemy of the Church and life. Stop making it harder for faithful Catholics to feel our leaders believe in the same things we do and the Church teaches. Look at this man's record; he is the most anti-life politician America has ever seen--starting with his short Senate career in Illinois.

Andrew Markich,

James O\'Connell,
Please withdraw the invitation you have extended to President Obama. I truly believe he is laughing at the Catholic Church as he never seems to ever be held accountable for anything he says or does. As I'm sure you know, he believes it is OK to let a baby who has survived an abortion procedure to die. He tramples on freedom of religion and conscience wth seemingly no consequence. I had taken heart that the Catholic Church was finally going to stand up to him after being stabbed in the back...and now this. Please have the courage to send a strong message that is long overdue.

John DeGennaro,

Sharon Holmes,
Your invitation to President Obama to this event is an insult to God!

Sheila Wodtke,


Donald Cart,

Lori Chamblin,
It is my strong belief that the decisions Mr. Obama makes for our nation are intrinsically evil. I do not understand how he could possibly be Invited to this event.

Gary Koss,
Please withdraw your invitation. If you beleive in the principals that you preach, you will NOT have this enemy of the Catholic Church anywhere near a Catholic Event. If you don't, you are making a laughing stock of our religion!

I am from Illinois (the Land of Lincoln). I have closely followed POTUS OBAMA'S VERY pro-abortion, anti-family record since he was in the IL Senate. (Much of the time, he voted 'Present'). Then he continued became a U.S. Senator, and continued down the same path. Now, as President, he has become emboldened in his relentless attacks on the unborn, the Catholic church, traditional marriage, not to mention trampling on our precious Constitution by issuing his many 'Executive Orders', skirting around Congress. etc. Cardinal Dolan many of us have seen y ou courageously speak up against these attacks since you transferred to New York, and then promoted to a Cardinal. With this office come MUCH responsibili ty. To invite a man who espouses this treachery is not only traitorous - but hypocritical. The worst part is that it is sending a confused message to the Catholic (especially pro-life/pro-family) faithful around the country - who are in the 'trenches' - fighting these battles. You are our SPIRITUAL SHEPHERD!!! By allowing this man to come to the dinner, it is tantamount to inviting a fox into the hen house or letting a wolf near a herd of sheep. I hate to say it, but most of the bishops of our country have a 'leftist' or 'socialist' tilt - and deep down, see no wrong with him. I'd almost bet my life that a good majority voted for him -although they would never admit to it in public. Just imagine all of the hundreds of pictures that will appear in newspapers, magazines and on-line - you with the POTUS - probably smiling, shaking hands, etc. These 'photo-ops' - decidedly & conveniently placed/shown on TV/newspapers, etc, for MANY CATHOLICS TO SEE & OBSERVE - will speak volumes: "A picture is worth a thousand words". Many of the CAtholics, not to mention the non-Catholics /uninformed will think: "Gee, I guess the Catholics think POTUS Obama is fine. What was all of the fuss about with the contraceptive issue with the Catholic hospitals and colleges having to pay for this in their insurance for their employees, anyway?" This, in turn, would cause many more to vote for him in November. THIS IS A CRITICAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!! Many outstanding experts have said that it will be 'curtains' for the U.S. if he is re-elected! PLEASE, WE BEG YOU - JUST WHEN YOU WERE SHOWING YOUR STRENGTH AGAINST THIS DRACONIAN GOVERNMENT - DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN AND LET HIM IN!! PLEASE EITHER DISINVITE HIM OR CANCEL THE DINNER - & instead GIVE THE $ that WOULD HAVE SPENT - TO THE POOR AND NEEDY! In March of 2011, Fr. John Corapi was supposed to headline a series of Catholic talks at the NIU DeKalb, IL college campus. My children & I were to go. I had bought tickets & was looking forward to it for months. It was also supposed to be a HUGE fundraiser for Catholic Charities. It was suddenly cancelled, due to information about Fr. John Corapi (that people in our Diocese thought could be morally/spiritually detrimental to the faithful) that had come out several days before this huge event, which was planned many months before. And to this day, it still is not know exactly what transpired. However, the Church did not want even the 'appearance' of scandal, etc. What is planned, if President Obama were to attend the Smith Dinner, is far, far worse. PLEASE come to your senses. Please allow the Holy Spirit to inspire you on the correct course of action. I await your sincere reply.

Gerald R. Molen,
It would be a contradiction in ethics and religious freedom to allow the President to address the conference.

jane e. petry,
Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you. Amen

Greg McGlynn,
This current is destroying the Catholic Church and our society. Why do you give aid and comfort to this administration? You and the rest of your lot are not worth a plug nickel as Catholics and you're more of a hindrance than a help.

Father Joseph LeBlanc, SJ,
Your Eminence, I had great hope in your appointment as USCCB Chairman. The Church along with Archbishop Chaput was in dire need of a strong leader that would uphold all the teachings of the Church strong and with vigor and passion. You have done that so far, but, your invitation to a President who not only has slapped the Church in the face several times but blantantly lied at Notre Dame about his great respect for the Church.

Hop knobing and joking around is not a substitute for firmness in the teachings of the Gospel and the Church. The President is a man who has no problem supporting abortions, sterilization and abortionfacients. No problem at all! And you want to joke around with this man. It seems the values are missplaced.

With deep respect but politely and firmly disagree with your invitation the President to the Al Smith Dinner.

Father Joseph LeBlanc, SJ

Jonathan Ring,

Tom DeFiore,

Linda S. Clerkin,
Please, please Cardinal Dolan,
From a parishioner of the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee.
Please don't do this.

I love you.
Watching and praying,
Linda Clerkin

Robert Conway,
Please don't entertain the new King Herod!

Madeline O\'Brien,



Bruce Curley,

Linda Porreca,

Patricia Bennett,
As a mother, grandmother and professional nurse who has been a life-long Catholic, I implore you to reconsider this invitation!

Clare Kosmalski,
Cardinal Dolan, come on!

Mrs. Mary Anne Early,

Jennifer Bitler,

Philip White,
Please do not undermine our efforts to fight the evil this administration promotes.

Lynne Flatley,

Felipe Guerra,

Dan Colgan,
A suggestion to the faithful Catholics planning to attend the Smith Dinner. Unless the invitation is rescinded they could sit this one out and send their contributions direct to the Foundation so that the recipients would still benefit from their generosity.
A near empty hall would speak volumes

David Coit,
I am loosing my trust in American Bishops to defend life.

Gregory Knipper,
I respectfully request that you rescind your invitation to the president. This administration in no way respects our religious beliefs or freedoms. Have you learned nothing since the debacle at Notre Dame. Who can we trust to lead the flock?

There is no weakness in admitting that inviting the President to the Al Smith dinner was a mistake, and no rudeness in rescinding the invitation.


Jacob Coulter,

Janine Tryban,

Dan Cotton, M.D.,

Mark Panganiban,
Please do not invite this person. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong and immoral. This president is a Christian in name only. We should not give him the honor and opportunity to to stomp on our Catholic values.

Maggie Sweet,
May God Help Us! Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus... Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for us...Pray for us...Pray for US Sinners NOW and at the hour of our death. Amen

melissa doran,

Virginia Knipper,
Haven't we had enough scandal with his presence at Notre Dame's commencement ceremony and his administration's invitations to commencements around the country? Should Obama still be invited? I believe this question should not be considered. He is a radical who wants only to hurt our faith and country.

Leo Knipper,
He is a radical who wants only to hurt our faith and country.

Kathleen Coleman,

Heather Hack,
You don't think this is causing scandal? My husband and I, who just rediscovered the beauty of the Catholic church 2 years ago, have become more & more disgusted with the leaders of the Church who do nothing to correct or discipline high-profile "Catholics" who publicly and unashamedly contradict & violate Church teachings. I was at least relieved to see that you, Cardinal Dolan, were standing up for the Church and her teachings. The very next day I read that you have invited President Obama to the Al Smith dinner. Just another slap in the face to those of us defending the faith. Just another way to tell the people that Catholics don't REALLY believe what they teach. It doesn't REALLY matter what you do. How do I tell my children to stand up for what is True and Right... and then continue to take them to a church that doesn't?! Thanks in part to you, my husband already wishes to leave and I'm just hanging by a thread. I hope, for the sake of others like us, that you will reconsider this invitation.




It's time to recognize the difference between God and government. For too long, our bishops have looked to government to fund charities, not realizing that their is no such thing as "government" charity. The attack on religious freedom that is "Obamacare" is a natural progression of the ever enlarging government. Inviting the architect of this attack on the church to the Al Smith dinner is pure scandal.

Wayne Reeh,

william starks,

Michael Pigg,
Lord have mercy!


Kevin Tighe,

Debbie Trainer,
Please Cardinal Dolan, do not give this an a platform. He has slapped Catholics in the face so many times that I feel this is wrong, very wrong.


Penny Franks,
I do believe that this will add to the confusion of many Catholics who already "pick & choose" how Catholic they want to them being able to say...'Cardinal Dolan must think Barak Obama is OK.'


We are very upset that you would entertain having President Obama attend the Al Smith dinner. We consider the president anti- Catholic and this would be a slap to all catholics.


Shameful! At a time when every Parish in this nation should be reminding Catholics of their responsibility come this November, Cardinal Dolan's example sends a completely contradictory message, certain to incite confusion and project hypocrisy. Please do the right thing and uninvite Obama.

Shameful! At a time when every Parish in this nation should be reminding Catholics of their responsibility come this November, Cardinal Dolan's example sends a completely contradictory message, certain to incite confusion and project hypocrisy. Please do the right thing and uninvite Obama.

marie mawn,
Please continue to show the leadership Catholics have come to expect and respect.



Deborah Jones,
Please forward to faithful women you know, especially young women. Think about what a slap in the face this is by C. Dolan to women (something I am sure he did not consider, given his aversion to including Our Lady in most of his speeches, and see for an eye-opening omission of BVM in the USCCB Prayer.)

Mary Proskovec,

Francis & Jane Gilroy,

Frank Brady,
Inviting Obama is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the Catholic Church. Stand up for what is right not because it is political.

Shame on you Cardinal Dolan! Giving scandal is very grave. What rationale could you possibly give for such outrageous leadership? Please retract the invitation.

Arlene Cole,
obama has ALWAYS advocated FOR the DEATH OF THE UNBORN AND ABORTION SURVIVORS. He is satan's tool and must be stopped at all costs. Don't you dare honor him at this important event!

Jeremy Halliday,
I have faith that you will do the right thing your Eminence.

Jessica Dominguez,
I have faith in our Eternal Father in Heaven, that you will disinvite the anti-life, anti-family, anti-religion, anti-Christian and extremely anti-Catholic barack hussein obama, your Eminence.

Espe M VillaSaenz,
I do belive that inviting Obama is not only wrong, but it sends a message of "confusion" to all Catholics. So Cardinal Dolan, retract Obama's invitation to the Al Smith Dinner

Your association with the President discourages the faithful and also lends credence to the lie that the President offerred a reasonable accomodation. May God Help You.

Gabriel Rivera,
"May God grant you the courage and wisdom to do what is right"

I do not understand why President Obama would be invited by this much admired Cardinal. This invitation is distressing.

Dan Nuti,
We were so happy with your leadership. we finaly had a member of the clergy that would stand up for the faith in a strong and outspoken way.the faithful so desperately need strong leadership. this invitation is confusing and demoralising. this isn't like eating with the tax collector Matthew, this is more like eating with Herod as he orders John the Baptist beheaded. Please reconsider this invitation your Eminence. If it looks like a scandal, and sounds like a scandal.... We will pray for you and for all of our clergy.

Beverly J. Ross,
It is very important that our Catholic leadership give clear and consistent example of living our faith.

John Schmit,

The President's first act as Commander was to sign a bill stating that aborted babies, who had survived abortion, should not be allowed any further treatment in order to live. They must be allowed to die. I've met an abortion-survivor who was then 16, and she is very Pro-Life, and speaks for the survivors now. Please reconsider your invitation to him; you'll not change his mind, only do harm to all our Pro-life work that has been done throughout the years. Our Lord would have shaken the dust from His feet.

Andrew T. Perlik,
Cardinal Dolan, "Whom do you serve, Our Lord or Obama?"

Maria Giron,
Our Lord Jesus Christ did NOT PARTY w/sinners!PLZ RESCIND THE INVITATION!

Joseph D\'Hippolito,
Your Excellency, what do you really believe? Do you wish to stand up for your stated principles or -- like the rest of your "brother bishops" -- will you just give lip services to those principles and continue to cling to your desire for secular influence, come what may?

Sharon V. Guerin,


Richard Leyh,

Cardinal Dolan, We implore you to cancel the dinner or at least disinvite the President. Tell the press that the huge outcry from the laity has given you food for thought and that you agree that the timing is not right. Therefore, the invitation will be reinstated if and when the President decides to rescind the mandate and allow the Catholic Church to worship freely without the HHS Mandate hanging over us like a noose. You will be happy to speak with him on this issue in private. This would be a huge story and give everyone who has supported you in this struggle to keep our religious rights intact a much needed shot in the arm. We cannot afford the press to use this moment as a sign that voting for the President is ok by this event. Most Catholics are not informed on any of these issues and will see the pictures in the press as a moment of kumbaya. Do not let this happen on your watch! You are the gatekeeper for all of us Church Militant!

J.L. Harlowe,
Dear Cardinal Dolan: An amoral President Obama has nothing to contribute. You, Good Shepherd, are simply and shamefully wrong.

I believe in you.

I agree

Linda Blackley,

Do not do all Catholics a disservice by including President Obama. This is a travesty and must be immediately corrected.

Robert Gehring,
I cannot for the life of me see the value of this invitation. This president is an avowed enemy of Catholics and their values and has shown it numerous times. Is there an expectation of converting him and his ideals? The man is satanic!


J W Himes,
It is this invitation and the Cardinal's refusal to recognize his sin that prompt me to ask what would Jesus do ? Would he call President Obama a hypocrite and viper ? Would he call Cardinal Dolan a hypocrite and viper ? Or maybe a whitewashed sepulchre ?

Christopher McAvoy,
Bishops commit sins like everyone else. This is the latest egregious example. The church seems to be imploding in as far as hierarchy goes .. Ill tale the SSPX anyday.

Mary Griffin,
Your Emminence, you are bringing great scandal upon the Church and endangering souls by inviting Barack Obama, who celebrates such evils as abortion and same sex marriage, to a Catholic event. Barack Obama sees the Catholic Church as his enemy. I'm sure you wouldn't invite Satan to the Al Smith dinner, but that is in effect wht you are doing by inviting President Obama. Your job as bishop is to show people their sins and lead them to repentance. You don't do that by playing nice and "dialoging."

Kathleen Schmidt,
will continue to pray for our leadership

Jerry F, Vierling,

Sherry Altman,

This shouldn't even be an issue - if we desire to show our solidarity to our Catholic faith vs. the loss of our religious freedom, Cardinal Dolan shouldn't even be considering this. I, who have put great hope in Cardinal Dolan and his future in our precious church, have had my view toward him violently changed - I am extremely disappointed - thought he was a holy man committed to the beliefs of our glorious church.

I am very strongly against the invitation that Cardinal Dolan has given to Obama to attend the Al Smith Dinner. It is too late for the mixed messages given to the Catholic people; we must take a clear stand against immorality. To have a very "anti-Catholic, anti-life, anti-elderly, pro-homosexual, pro-redefinition of marriage, pro- limitations to our religious freedom president", makes clear that Catholic, moral truth has to be public and decisive. This dinner sends such mixed messages to our Catholic people that its harm may be irreparable. I am the sister of a very liberal "Catholic" nun, who teaches children. She is pro-Obama, and thinks he is wonderful. Does this dinner counter her or give her any reason to even suspect she may be in the wrong place. No! Having Obama at the dinner only reaffirms every poorly catechized Catholic in their stands. The only right thing to do is cancel the dinner; unfortunately, our society is beyond these niceties, the lines are being drawn so clearly in the sand between anti-Christ and pro-Christ, so there cannot be any confusion or mixed messages given to our Catholic people, who will have to answer to God for what and who they support and believe. I appreciate the opportunity to sign this petition.


jack mathews,
POTUS Obama supports Infanticide, Partial Birth Abortion, Federal Funding of All Abortion... Kind of Antithetical to Catholics Don't ya think?

to honor such an abortionist and oppressor of religious freedoms would be similar to hosting Ahmadinejad of Iran...

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Angelina Ripullo,
Please disinvite Obama - he should not be honored.

Janet Trigilio,
I originally did not have a problem with this, as Jesus himself dined with the taxpayers. However, as I have worked hard to convince my fellow Catholics as to the seriousness of voting for a candidate that promotes intrinsic evils, it has become clear to me that the Bishops are not speaking out strongly enough. You see, Many Catholics see me as being wrong, because they are mostly hearing this from me and not their Priests and Bishops. We have Catholic politicians who make public statements about Catholic teaching that amount to heresy and no Bishop as of yet, has excommunicated a single one. Catholics are confused.

William Wakeman,
While I am not certain of your political view points, it is in the best interest of our faith and our country that our Bishops act profound respect to our doctrines of faith. You are where God wants you to be, please wield you position and authority with care. Pray the Blessed Virgin intercede for you, that the Holy Spirit guides you and that God's will be done in your life. By all means meet with Obama or Biden and tell them the truth of our faith. Yet do it tactfully and in private any such movements by a Bishop as yourself could lead laymen to think it is okay to vote for Obama with a clean conscience and still maintain to the Church's teaching.

Dennis Oddy,
I am no longer in communion with the Joe Bidens, Nancy Pelosis, the John Kerry's, the Pat Leahys, The Quomos, the Kennedy's, the Christopher Dodds, the Cardinal Dolans of the world. My church left me, for 5 million for a charity event that has invited an American President who by executive order funds abortions in other countries with my tax dollars. Christ said let your yes be yes and your no be no. The Cardinal says no to all Catholics that support freedom of religion and life. Holy Communion means we are in communion and I am not!

Brendan McLoughlin,
I for one am glad that Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney were invited, and I commend you for ignoring those on this list, many of whom consistently ignore the teachings of Jesus in their daily life while co-opting Catholicism to a "conservative" Ayn Rand inspired political agenda. It's inspiring to see you stand up to them your Eminence.

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